Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Cover Modifications

In an attempt to free two of my books from Amazon's 'Adult Dungeon', I've modified the covers.

The two titles are 'Operation: Cuckold' and 'Midnight Mirror'.

The modified covers are just an attempt to pacify Amazon - I'll keep the original covers on all other outlets. I actually did a similar thing for 'In the Shadow of The Riot' - for Amazon I photoshop'd a pair of panties to hide her arse-crack.

Here are the two versions of my 'Adult Filtered' stories:

Original cover - suggestive pose (simulated sex)

Modified cover - now he's just tonguing her belly button - not sexual at all. I just like her hair and cheekbones :-)

Original cover - I was warned about her bum cheek, but loved the picture and hoped the poor lighting would work in my favour

Modified cover - sacrilege to cover her bum, but there you go. Only the original covers will show on my website! 

We'll see if the people at Amazon are happy with the new covers. Both stories can still be bought there - it's just that they don't show up if you search for them. But using the link on my website works!

1 comment:

  1. Well, the modifications were worth the trouble. Both books have been removed from the 'Adult Dungeon' and now show up on normal Amazon searches.