Thursday, 8 October 2015

High Heels

If you’re actually reading this blog, there’s a good chance you’ve already seen a few pictures of high-heeled shoes as you navigated your way through my website. They’re there because I find them a nice thing to look at.
[In case this is your first visit and you don’t know anything about me, I’m a bloke. I write smut under a woman’s name, but I am the proud owner of a cock and balls. Obviously there’s always room for improvement, and if my cock and balls were bigger and heavier, I’d probably be even prouder. But I digress…]

So, I like women’s shoes. Or more accurately, I like women’s high-heeled shoes. I think they’re sexy.
But they’re only sexy on women. No offense to Dave, from the Money Supermarket ad – he looks brilliant, but I don’t find him sexy (but no doubt many women do – and possibly some men, too). So it’s not just the shoes that matter to me – it’s also the gender of the person wearing them.

I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in this fetish.
Actually (digressing again), I read something recently about using the correct terminology for such things, and I realise I’m no longer certain what constitutes a fetish, a kink, a perversion, or a dozen other terms I have no clue about.
For simplicity, I’ll call what I have for shoes a ‘thing’. But I’m not alone in this ‘thing’. I suspect nearly every other man on the planet is probably of the same opinion. A survey done by an academic in France showed that when a pretty model wearing a tight top and flat shoes tried to get pedestrians to stop and answer a survey, 40% of the men stopped. However, for the same model in the same tight top, but this time wearing high heels, 80% of the men stopped (although the article didn’t say how many of the men gave themselves a surreptitious tug while answering the survey). But twice as many men stopped, just because of the shoes. 

I know if I’m walking (or driving) down a road and I see a woman in heels, my eyes are always drawn to them. They could cause an accident (or a heart attack).
So, what is it that makes them sexy? I know they make the woman’s posture sexier - they force the back to arch, which pushes the boobs out at the front and the bum out at the back. They also cause some leg muscles to contract and give the calves a better shape. They make the legs look longer, too. 
One thing I read was that men know women in high heels can’t run away so quickly, but I’m really hoping that’s not why I like them. Having said that, a friend’s six-year-old son commented that there'd be no difficulty Keeping up with the Kardashians, as they can’t walk very fast in those shoes!

When I look at pictures of high-heeled shoes (which I only do to find more images for my website – I don’t do it to help me with anything else!) – I much prefer the pictures where the shoes are actually being worn. There are a lot of pictures that show the shoe from two angles—from the side and from the top—which I suppose is logical if you’re a woman looking to buy them. But although I can ‘like’ a shoe in that kind of picture, I don’t find it as appealing as the photos of shoes worn by models. For that reason, all the shoes on my website are filled with women’s feet (except the one filled with an Action Man in a gimp mask!)

But there has to be something more to it that just the way they make women look. I know (from asking) that women feel sexier wearing high heels than flat shoes. And I’ve read that women feel more confident and ‘empowered’ in them. But maybe that’s because they know that twice as many men would stop to answer a survey if they asked.

Do men consider women in high-heels to be more available, or likely to be more exciting in bed? Are we really that shallow?

My wife owns many pairs of shoes, and quite a few of them have high-heels. Every time she tells me she’s bought another pair, I get a little tingle in my tummy. She can see the disappointment on my face if it’s a pair of flat shoes for walking the kids to school. I know – I’m shallow. She often tells me that until I try walking round the playground in a pair of stilettos, I don’t get to choose what she wears.

But here’s a final thought… I saw this somewhere (it was on FB – I wasn’t doing some online-shopping). It’s called a ‘vagankle’ – and I’m sure you can guess what it's used for.

Now when I first saw this, I immediately wondered if they came in different sizes... 
Just kidding. 
What I really thought was that the marketing guys had missed a chance to make them look a lot more attractive. Surely if it was fitted with a nice ‘fuck-me’ shoe with a stiletto heel, they’d sell more…
Or perhaps the owners have to supply the shoe themselves, and also apply nail varnish. But either way, they’d look awkward hanging on your washing line after you'd washed it out!

Right – enough for my first blog post. 
I feel guilty because I’ve been reading some really well-informed and sensuous blogs recently, and my first effort is about how shallow I am for liking high-heels, and how to ‘pimp a sex-aid’. 
I promise to try and have 'deeper' subjects to discuss eventually...


  1. We don't want deep and well-thought-out and gravely considered blogs all the time! I rather enjoyed your exploration of your "thing" for heels.

    I'd quite like to see an annual event where people try to charge up the Spanish steps in heels. Tee hee!!

    1. If you don't want deep or well-thought out, this could be the place for you!
      I like your idea about the Spanish steps event. Just to clarify - am I right in thinking the women would be wearing high heels and nothing else...?

  2. I have to say, that's a new one by me. Not guys liking high heels - I knew that! - but the sex toys. I guess ya learn something new every day!

    I wouldn't worry too much about deep, insightful blog posts - I rather like short and amusing posts, myself!

    1. Hi Sherry - thanks for the comment. I agree about the 'vagankles' – they were new to me, too. Although I will freely admit to liking women’s feet in high-heels, I find these ‘aids’ a little freaky.
      I wonder if they come in the shape of other appendages? Gives a whole new meaning to ‘hand-jobs’!