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Author Interview - Larry Archer

My latest interview subject is Larry Archer, a resident of Sin City, who explains where he gets the inspiration for his dirty stories.

First off, about you as a person:

(1)        Where do you live now, and where did you grow up?

We live in Las Vegas, Nevada or Sin City as it's popularly called. I was born and raised in East Texas and moved to the mid-west, where I lived for some years before relocating to Las Vegas.

(2)        Which of the following best describes you:
(a) single  (b) involved with someone  (c) married  (d) married with children


(3)        Do you have a real job, or does your writing pay the bills?

Unfortunately, I'm no James Patterson, or Stephen King and writing is a hobby for me. At this point in space, I don't think many people could make a living at writing smut except for the occasional breakout, like "50 Shades of Grey." I read on some writer's forums where people say they are pulling in $10-$15K/Month, but I take those comments with a grain of salt.
At this instant, as I'm sitting in Jack in the Box, my Amazon Kindle erotica author's rank is 865, and my rank in all Amazon books is 80,000, which I consider pretty good for a hacker like myself, especially since I only write erotica. My Amazon erotica author's rank typically cycles between 400 – 2,000 depending on the day of the week and the last release of a story.
I make reasonably decent money at my day job and so my sales would have to jump a lot to consider writing full time. Last year (2016) was a struggle for me as one of our best friends had a horrific snowboarding accident, and we've spent an inordinate amount of time helping her work through the aftermath of the accident. Subsequently, my time available for writing suffered a lot, but it's starting to improve now.

(4)        Of the places you’ve visited, where was your favorite?

That would have to be the Bahamas. A fellow pilot I know has a bungalow on one of the islands and when we lived in the mid-west, would escape the winters and visit the Bahamas and stay at his beach house.

Other than that, probably Las Vegas, where we live now. We like Vegas as it's a 24/7 town and there is always a party somewhere.

We travel a lot across the United States and have met a lot of people across the US of A.
I'm lucky in that my wife is six foot and an ex-model who looks like a 70's porn star with big hair and all leg, so for me to meet people is to simply stand out of the way and let nature take its course.

I tried to find a picture to help readers visualise her…

Actually that's pretty close, Anna Malle is one of my favorite porn stars (I think that's who the picture is of). Wifey's boobs aren't that big and are natural. Kimberly Carson or Sarah Young, face wise would be closer. When we met, my wife straightened her brunette hair to try and eliminate the curls but I convinced her that letting it go natural was less trouble and fulfilled the dream of all Texans, a girl with big hair. While completely out of style, it always gets her noticed.
Kelly LeBrock (Weird Science, Lady in Red) is a close approximation of my wife.

This is an actual picture of Wifey shot on a movie set.

…and this got me wondering what sort of husband a woman who looks like a 70’s porn-star might choose?

I hope I’m wrong!
Yes, you're wrong. I'm not a Cheech and Chong impersonator. LOL, I'm 6-foot, dark hair, hazel eyes, 190#, with an Italian olive complexion. I believe I'm reasonably good looking and often told that I look like a young Elvis, Viva Las Vegas.

(5)        Is there anywhere you haven’t been that you’d love to visit?

As a country boy, I'd love to visit Belinda in Australia, but other than that Paris would be high on my list.

I've been to Paris and loved it (I actually proposed to my wife there). A trip to Australia is still on my wish-list.
There are lots of great sights to see in both places, I’m sure…



(6)        How do you spend your spare time when you’re not working, sleeping or writing?

I was going to say getting laid, but that would be tacky. I spend a lot of time with photography and computers. Back in the mid-west, I taught photographic modeling at a talent agency, taught advanced photography at the local community college, and worked for a booking agency shooting bands.

Of course, my day job has always been as an engineer, where I helped design chemical plants.

Okay, moving on to your writing:

(7)        Is Larry Archer your real name or a pseudonym?

Pseudonym, as an author of smut and/or swinger, neither of which is yet an accepted occupation. In our Lifestyle, anonymity is one of the things we strive to achieve.

When I started writing, it was primarily to be able to talk about our experiences swinging, so I created a pseudonym for my wife and myself. Then after starting to write, I discovered how much I enjoyed it, and so Foxy and Larry became regular characters in my stories. In retrospect, I should have separated the names, but I never envisioned how this gig would work out. In real life, my wife has an equally unusual nickname as her pseudo name Foxy.

I would love to get my wife to write as she has an unbelievably dirty mind but other than wanting to be a phone sex or cam operator, has no interest in writing.

(7a) Have you thought of asking your wife to make up the plot of a story, then you write it down?

She does that to some extent. She will suggest a plot line but will not take the time to dig into the story to flesh it out. She loves talking dirty to someone and probably what I should do is turn on the recorder on the phone and capture that. She's a kind of live in the moment person and gets bored when you ask her to read something and offer suggestions on what it needs.

(8)        I write under a female penname, yet I’m a guy. So, Cock or Minge?

Cock. I have another penname that I plan on using to write kinkier forms of smut and want to separate the stories from my current story lines. But currently, I write as myself, possibly a little exaggerated but pretty much true to life. Foxy is also modeled off of my wife as she is the perfect role model of a person in a smut story. My wife always wanted to be a phone sex operator or a cam girl but could never work it into her schedule.

(9)          How many people who know you in real life are aware that you write smut?

Just a handful of people knows that I write smut, some of our close party friends. None of our straight friends know.

(10)    Do you remember your first dirty story, and why you wrote it?

I had just put down some porn story and said to myself, "I can do that!" Then I sat down and wrote "Fantasy Swingers," which is available for free on SmashWords. It was originally published on Literotica. Then I told myself that I might as well try and make money from pounding the keyboard instead of my pud, which was the beginning of my publishing empire.

(11)    Why do you write erotica?

The short answer is that I have a dirty mind but honestly, I enjoy writing porn, and it gives me a good avenue to write about adventures we've had. I know it's terrible, but my stuff even turns me on, and I enjoy reading what I've written, especially if I put a story down for a month or so before reading it.

(12)      If someone reading this interview had never heard of you, how would you describe your stories?

"Smut with a plot," would be the closest thing. I write stroke material but try to weave somewhat of a storyline through all the fucking and sucking. Stroke stuff has one basic goal, but I like to use other words that are more than four letters long.

I write with a humorous bent as our experiences in swinging have always been positive and a lot of fun. We take life easy and don't try to get wigged out about things. My stories are always HEA except for the ones starring Foxy and her crop that she keeps in her thigh high boots.

She has several slaves that she has to discipline on a regular basis and when I see the dog collar come out, I know it's time to blend into the background.

(13)    What’s the nicest thing anyone’s said about your writing?

A reader recently wrote, "This is the way erotica should be written." That's a comment that I'm proud of. I feel that if you're reading smut, you know it's not "The Old Man and the Sea" and so don't try to make it more than that. Plus, it's hard to wank off with your little finger stuck out.

(14)    What’s the nastiest thing anyone’s said about your writing?

One review stated that my story was full of spelling errors and typo's, which I discount because I know that's not true. Otherwise, Bill Gates wouldn't be as rich as he is. Becoming a writer from a background as an engineer is a major accomplishment but I'd never describe myself as an authority on English. To me, a dangling participle is something you take Viagra for.

(15)    Do you write in other genres under other pen names?

At this time, not yet but I have plans to branch out into other topics that I'm not sure will mesh with my current storylines.

(16)    Talk us through your writing process. Do you have definite plot-lines, or just start writing and see where the characters take you?

I follow the principle of Stephen King, just let the characters act out the story and walk behind them recording everything. I don't have much formal training in writing besides a Technical Report Writing course I took getting my engineering degree.

What will typically happen is that I'll do something or see something that begs to be written down and expanded. In our Lifestyle, we are involved in a lot of things the straight person never experiences and those just push you to the keyboard.

Most stories start that way, like the time we saw a teenage girl, with a sign that she needed help. While I realize that it was probably a scam and someone was waiting to mug me, I didn't stop as we were late for an important meeting. That still bothers me as I didn't try and help someone, who might have needed it. "The Runaway" was the result of that event.

I'm able to play the story in my head and just let the players act as they see fit. It's kind of like watching television in my head. I just start out with some basic idea and then let my characters act out the story. Some of my stories will end up completely different than my original thought.

(17)    What’s your most satisfying writing moment?

When I look down and see "The End" on the screen. For some reason, my characters never pay attention to me, and nothing I do can seem to stop them. My current story, "Stripper or Nurse," was at 15,000 words and I predicted that it would end up at 20-25K. The story is now over 76K words, and I haven't written the final chapter.

(18)    I know many writers of smut get derogatory comments through social media. Do you get these, and how do you cope? Have you ever been sent pictures of genitalia?

I seldom get hate mail as they probably figure it would be a waste of time, sort of like the TV show Lucifer. I have several groupies who I've never met in person, yet they send me dirty pictures, which I always love to receive.
This makes me so jealous. Why can’t my reader send me a dirty picture? Even if it’s just of him :-)

(19)    If someone was going on holiday and could take only one book by each author with them, which of yours would you recommend, and why?

Depending on what floats their boat, there are several. Most of my stories revolve around swinging/group sex or cuckold/Hotwife. So, the first choice is what genre you like but most of my stories are a crossover, and you'll find elements of both genres in either story line.

Once you make that choice, I'd next pick one of my stories that are over 50K words as you can't easily read it one sitting or a single trip to the bathroom. I think my new story "Stripper or Nurse" would be a good choice as it has two running themes, swingers seducing a MILF and her husband becoming a cuckold, while she gets turned out as a Hotwife.

Yip, that one sounds like it ticks most boxes. Have you considered making him a were-penguin and having a step-daughter visit him in hospital?

Funny you should mention that, Tom (the guy in the hospital) gets a Candy Striper to be his personal nurse. She has a Daddy complex and so calls him Daddy as she likes older Sugar Daddies. She's twenty, looks sixteen, and he offers to help her with college and move in with them. He will need the company while his Hotwife is out on dates with her Bulls.
Jack, Larry's head of security has wired up the strip club and one bedroom of Foxy and Larry's condo to shoot movies in. Jack and his Hotwife Pam are the ultimate cuckold couple in real life and exactly as portrayed in my stories.
Jack gives Tom, a.k.a. Heart Attack Guy, an iPad which is configured to tap into the security cameras at the club and in Larry's bedroom so while he's in the hospital he and Tiffany, "his daughter", can watch Mommy being the big slut she turns out to be.

(20)    Are there any subjects you wouldn’t be comfortable writing about or including in your stories?

The short answer is nothing but some topics don't do anything for me. I'm not into scat, water-sports, or heavy BDSM. As basically a nice guy (I think), pain is something to be used judiciously. I'm always amazed at the people who love to have Foxy beat them when she's in her thigh high leather boots or grab her clothespins, but it's fun to watch. In our Lifestyle, we try not to be judgemental - even if it's something that we don't normally get involved in.
I have to get into a story, along with its kink, so I've never been able to write about something that doesn't turn me on.

(21)    Knowing your lifestyle, this is probably an obsolete question, but it’s one I usually ask. If you could act out any scene from one of your stories, which character would you play, and what does the scene involve? Why does this particular scene appeal?

My alter ego runs a strip club in Las Vegas, The Fox's Den, and that would be my choice to be the Larry Archer in my stories. I've patterned Foxy and Larry after ourselves, slightly exaggerated but pretty much all true.

I think it would be a lot of fun to run a strip club. While we don't visit a lot of strip clubs here, we frequently went to a couple back in the mid-west. We even belonged to a key club where you actually had to have a key to get in. It was located above a bar, and you would walk behind the bar and use your key to unlock the door. While not a swinger's club per say, there were few rules in the club.

A lot of the time, I include our real-life friends in my stories, with the names changed to protect the guilty such as Pam and Jack, Chrissy, and Marilyn. They are exactly as described in my stories, warts and all.

While I enjoy watching, I'm typically the Bull and not the cuckold. My wife would never be a Hotwife in its true definition. I enjoy being in group sex scenes, which virtually all of my stories have and it would be hard to pick out a specific scene.

(21a) Do you ever film yourselves at the swinging parties, or is that against the rules?

Yes, we do, but it is only with permission and typically among close friends. Some of our friends don't care, but I'm always careful not to show anyone a recognizable picture unless it would be to someone who is friends with everyone in the shot. I shoot a lot of pictures and video, but our friends know that it will not show up on the Internet or be passed around.

Straight people often have a very closed mind when it comes to swinging, and you are always careful to keep from being outed. Couples are only known by their first names, and most of us have business cards with our first names and an email address or phone number to maintain our privacy.

(21b) How long do you expect to be able to continue in the lifestyle?

For the foreseeable future, after all, our friends are getting older also, well all except my wife who refuses to acknowledge a birthday. But luckily, she has good genes and still looks as hot as the night I met her.
Swinging is not all fucking and sucking, you may be surprised to learn. As a group, we are extremely close as you'd imagine since we often sleep with the other guy's wife. It is difficult to explain, but we share a closeness that straights could never achieve.
But to your question, and I'll add some more below as your follow-up is in the same vein.
Swinging is a socialization event as much as it is climbing in the rack. A lot of times, you go to a party and never get with anyone. Like anything there are levels, and we don't consider ourselves hardcore, our goal is not to get laid but meet new and interesting people. Some of whom we sleep with and some we don't.
So, you don't go to hookup, at least we don't, and so there is no incentive to quit. We'll go as long as we have a good time and enjoy the group of friends we have.

I found this old picture and it got me wondering… 

I guess we’ll never know.

(21c) What age are the oldest swingers in your group of friends?

I'm guessing, but we have a couple of couples who are probably in heir 70's. The general age range is probably 30-50. We have a few couples in their 20's but generally the urge to swing hits typically after you've been married 5-10 years.
We also have maybe 3 or 4 Unicorns and a couple of single guys. There are few single guys in swinging as (1) they don't need it to get laid and (2) single guy's in swinging are often a-holes because they don't seem to understand how things work and so never get invited twice.

Any age difference typically works its way out. You don't typically see someone 70 hit on someone 20, but there are always the ones that have that kink. Most of the older couples attend for the social aspects, and the show is always good.

(21d) Does jealousy ever get in the way?

No, not really. It is initially a potential issue but what we've always preached is to try and party at the same time. It's difficult to be jealous of your wife getting screwed if you're balls deep in his wife. LOL
Honesty is a big thing and little things you just don't do. Excessive kissing is something we never do with anyone except our spouse. Kissing is a more intimate and personal thing, so a lot of people minimize checking your new partner's tonsils a lot. Of course, girls kissing is always allowed and encouraged.
For me, I can fuck someone with no problems, but Wifey had better not catch me rubbing her feet as that will piss her off. To straights that may seem warped but for us screwing is like being in a bowling league, it's fun, and we like to do it but are not in love with them.

(21e) If you had mind-blowing sex with another woman, would you pretend to your wife afterwards that it was just 'okay'? (or vice versa)

No. we always share experiences, and it's common for people to discuss sex with your spouse or others. Now certainly I'd never tell my wife that Suzie was a better lay than her, that's just common courtesy. But a blow by blow description (sorry about the pun) is always expected.
I typically party a lot more than my wife, and it's common for her to join us after a few minutes to see how everything is going. My wife is an organizer and so loves to get everything started and then disappear.

The girls will often discuss pro's and con's of the guys and so you better not do something to piss off the wife as it will quickly get back to her.

(21f) Do you look around at the other men in your group and compare sizes?

In most cases, I don't pay a lot of attention to it. The girls say I'm a good size and so I guess I don't feel the need to compare. Once we met a really hot couple and after going out with them a couple of times, asked if they'd like to go to a house party. They said yes, and we took them to a party.
We figured that we should break them in and invited them back to a bedroom. When he dropped his pants, he had like a 12-inch cock. Fuck, even I stared. Of course, I only got to see it for a second until my wife was on her knees getting her tonsils removed.
We run around with them a lot, and I've included him in a number of the stories I've written. They are a lot of fun, and we enjoy going out with them in addition to partying. 

I love this picture – and the man you mentioned above sounds like a really ‘fun guy’ (did you see my fungi pun there?). Sorry, I couldn’t resist (which is probably exactly what your wife said).

(21g) Is there ever a problem where you really fancy all the women, but your wife doesn't find any of the available men attractive? (or vice versa)

That happens all the time. It generally seems as if attractive women far outnumber the guys. I'm not sure why that is but there are always a lot of hot girls at a party, or as my wife calls it an all you can eat buffet!
When you first start swinging, new couples usually make up rules to follow. One of them is typically party as a couple. But what you find is that rarely the both of you are attracted to both people. We always recommend that you don't start swinging couple on couple unless you are both attracted to both people. House parties work well as you can pick and choose.

I can guess which partner in these couples would be the most popular with other party-goers!

(21h) Have you ever taken a dislike to a guy at a party and told your wife to stay away from him? (or vice versa)

We both have "Do Not Fuck" lists, and I think that's reasonably common. My wife will say something like I don't want you to get with her, she's a bitch! And there will be guys that I think are assholes and don't want to give them the pleasure of getting the best lay of their life.
The list is typically short and generally populated by obnoxious people.

(22)    (Back to writing again) Do you set yourself targets? What are your long-term writing goals?

No real long term goals beyond working to improve my craft and try to be more prolific. I don't set targets as I find that if I have to produce 2,000 words, then I often write 2,000 words of crap. If I'm in the groove, smut pours out of my keyboard, and if I'm not, I'll get a shot of Tarantula.

(23)    What are you writing at the moment?

"Stripper or Nurse," is my latest work-in-progress. The basic storyline is that some business guy has a heart attack while watching one of the strippers' dance. Then when he collapses on the floor, the girl he's watching, in only a thong and stripper shoes, gives him CPR and another stripper mouth-to-mouth.
Larry asks the girls to check on him, and they run into his wife at the hospital. She's furious that the two sluts show up flaunting themselves. So, she returns to the club to bitch at the owner.
While at the club, she realizes that she's the one out of step and slowly falls into the clutches of the inhabitants of the club. What she doesn't realize is that Larry's security guy sends an iPad over to the hospital to entertain her recovering husband. The iPad is full of dirty movies, many of which involve the security guy's Hotwife, which gets the hubby fired up.
Then the security head sends over a movie he shot of Heart Attack Guy's wife being nailed by Larry and his wife, which makes the guy realize that he has a Hotwife. You'll have to read the story to find out if he stays horrified or is too busy jerking off.

Without trying to give away too much of the plot, that's a thumbnail sketch of a novel that's 76,000 words long.

(24)    Last Question: For Twitter, I’ve invented my hashtag, #bmbtaf, which stands for Buy My Books, They’re About Fucking. What hashtag can you come up with to help your sales?

#ESFS – Explicit Smut For Sale

Thanks Larry – great answers. I think readers will really appreciate the insight into the Lifestyle, and I hope they’re curious enough to read your books.

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Facebook: “None at the moment, I've been blocked.”

Books and Blurbs

Swingers take a cum-obsessed slut girlfriend to an adult theater with glory holes so she can take on strangers through a hole in the wall. They pick up a straight couple and even get the cashier to join them for hard core non-stop action. While their girlfriend services the guys through the hole, the swingers take on the new couple and the cashier. Includes some BDSM and Mistress/slave action.
* * *

Tim wakes up after his first college kegger with a beautiful girl in bed with him and no memory of how she got there. He quickly shakes off his hangover to put the moves on this girl only to find out that she's hornier than he is. As she rides him, his apartment door bursts open and in charges her MILF mom. Mom quickly cools down and becomes interested when she sees the package he has.
* * *

A swinger couple and their girlfriends have a chance encounter with Santa Claus while getting ready for a Christmas swing party. Santa drops in by accident at the wrong house and finds three beautiful naked girls trimming the Christmas Tree. He finds out that they have been very naughty and they decide to give him a good blowjob so he will put their names on the ‘Nice’ list.
* * *

“Seduced by the Dark Side” is a hard-core non-stop erotic romance about a small-town farm girl from Minnesota who moves to Las Vegas to experience the wilder side of life. Ingrid’s education starts as soon as her plane lands in Las Vegas where she is picked up by Stormy, an exotic dancer while trying to get her luggage. Accepting a ride from her new girlfriend, she finds out how much fun the back of a limo can be with a bunch of horny exotic dancers.
* * *

Foxy and Larry, two swingers, pick up a stranded girl on the side of the road and take her home to try and help her just before Christmas. Initially, their motives were simply to try and help her, but rapidly the homeless girl becomes infatuated with the couple and their lifestyle. Their mission of mercy now turns to debauchery as they invite her into their home and family.
* * *

Tina, a 40ish housewife, who has kept herself in great shape, has decided to do something about the fact that her husband doesn’t measure up. This MILF initially trolls the bars and picks up younger studs that are big enough to satisfy her every need. At first, she cleans up before coming home but when her husband doesn’t seem to mind her late night “dates”, she discovers that he enjoys being a cuckold and starts making him clean her up after she’s been out with one of her Bulls. Then the night they walk into a small neighborhood bar, she discovers an extra-large soccer team, who had stopped for a beer. That night her husband, Steve, discovers the full truth about what his wife has been up to.
* * *

A graphic tale about a 40-year-old housewife, who is seduced by her next door neighbor, and turned out as a hotwife with her cuckold husband. Tina is happily married except for the small fact that her husband is too little to take care of her needs. Her husband has gotten a big promotion, which enables them to buy a new house where Tina meets her sexpot neighbor Gretchen.
Gretchen sees potential in Tina and introduces her to the sexy world of clubbing, where she and Gretchen are on the outlook for young and virile studs to party with. Tina becomes caught up in a world of non-stop sex as she samples everything she finds including the girls.
* * *

A graphic erotic story of a couple, who become interested in swinging because of the wife’s infatuation with a co-worker. Later shopping for a sexy dress, they meet a couple of swingers, who initiate them into the alternate lifestyle known as swinging. Cynthia and Francis are introduced into swinging by veteran swingers, Foxy and Larry.
* * *

This is the story about Don, an ordinary guy who is down on his luck. In fact, while he was down, Lady Luck even gave him a couple of hard shots to the stomach. Dumped by his wife and fired from his job, Don is befriended by a stripper and the club owner, who feel sorry for him. The strip club builds a truck with a clear plastic box on the back, complete with a stripper pole. The plan is for the Stripper Mobile to drive up and down Las Vegas Boulevard, while girls dance in the plastic box. Hopefully, people will be attracted by the beautiful girls dancing and visit the club. The club owner decides to give Don a shot and hires him to drive the Stripper Mobile.
* * *

A kinky story about a guy who comes home to an empty house as his wife is out partying with the girls. Figuring that this would be a good time to watch some porn on his computer, he grabs a beer and picks out a new video to watch that looks pretty hot. As he's sitting there while watching these two girls take care of everyone on the set. In the last scene, he finally gets a good look at the girl's faces and realizes that he's just watched his wife and his best friend's wife making a pornographic movie.
His revulsion quickly turns to excitement as he realizes that this is not their first movie. Follow Ralph as he and his best friend track down the studio and get to watch their wives make another movie, while they watch from a hidden room.
* **

A box set of three hotwife stories for your reading and self-abuse pleasure. Almost 100,000 words describing some of the wildest scenes you could ever imagine.
Includes the titles: Cuckolding: A Night at the Bar, Cuckolding: A Hot Wife is Born, and Cuckolding: My Wife is a Porn Star.
* * *

Foxy and Larry attend a pool party hosted by a couple of swingers they know. While at the party they meet a new couple, Mike and Cindy. While getting to know them, they introduce the husband to the hotwife pool hostess, leaving them to take care of his wife.
Cindy feels at ease with Foxy and Larry and quickly forgets about what her husband is up to. Foxy finds that Cindy is as eager and open minded as she is beautiful. After a hot and steamy threesome, they take Cindy back to their house for more fun.
In the morning, Cindy is introduced to the sexy widow who lives next door and comes over for coffee and early morning satisfaction.
* * *

A story about a young college girl who is working her way through college by dancing at The Fox's Den, a gentlemen's club in Las Vegas. While on the job only a week, she has learned a lot about sex beyond what was taught in Sex Ed 10.
What could possibly go wrong? Only that her mother learned of her new job stripping and was convinced that she was also hooking. What's a mother to do, so naturally she crashes into the bosses' office in full on crazy lady attack mode.
Thankfully cooler heads prevailed, and the crazy lady ends up in bed with the bosses' wife, while the young dancer, Peaches, ends up in a threesome with the boss Larry and Linda, the manager.
* * *

In a plot similar to their 1969 movie namesake, two couples Bob & Carol and Ted & Alice decide to open up their marriage and share some of their most intimate fantasies. Follow along as the two wives decide to swap husbands for an innocent date but things rapidly spiral out of control when they realize that Carol has a multiple personality Sybil, who is up for anything and anyone.
* * *

This story deals with the conversion of Cynthia from a sweet innocent housewife to a complete slut (use your own imagination here). Cynthia and her husband are thrown into the deep end of the swinger’s pool and learn to sink or swim or at least swallow!
* * *

Wife Swap 2 carries on in the same depraved and debauchery filled story from the start in Wife Swap. This story follows Carol as she falls into the clutches of Dominatrix Mistress Foxy, who decides to beat some sense into her and breaks up Carol's marriage to take her as the latest submissive in Foxy's stable. In spite of the occasional beatings, this light-hearted romp completes Carol's education as she realizes what she's been missing all these years.
* * *

A delicious little tale about a small town girl, who moves to the big city to escape her abusive and domineering father, who beat her for any real or perceived thought about anything related to men or sex. Constance takes a job far away from home in Saint Louis, where she works at an ad agency surrounded by people who live on the edge between fantasy and reality. There she meets her new best friend Sue, who takes the naive girl under her wing and tries to iron out some of the kinks instilled by her father and his paddle. Constance rapidly blooms and finds that she's not only attracted to men but also girls. Then things heat up as she starts letting the guy across the courtyard watch her dress and help with her wardrobe selection.
This story is primarily girl-on-girl, with some voyeuristic scenes thrown in and written in the no holes barred style of Larry Archer, with graphic descriptions of the action to fill your imagination.
* * *

Monica is a mid-western girl who moves to Las Vegas to pursue her dreams of being a chorus girl. Like many others who came before her, she finds fame and fortune a difficult goal to achieve. By accident, she meets a fellow dancer who gets her a job serving as eye candy and escorting the mayor around town, to help keep her afloat.
Her girlfriend, Porsche, turns out to have a wild side and quickly Monica is thrown into the clutches of two swingers, and their girlfriends for a sex-filled romp that will keep you titillated page after page. This is a hard-core story with a plot that leads you down the road of Monica's seduction in exquisite detail.
* * *

A tale about Gene, an insurance adjuster, who is having a mid-life crisis after 20 years of marriage. Imagine that you've just finished a mind numbing seminar and are sitting in a hotel bar having a drink when you pick up on the conversation two guys next to you are having about a sex show. You hear the words Sex Show, and your ears perk up. As you listen, you discover that for one-hundred dollars you can watch people having sex right in front of your eyes. For someone who looks at wrecked cars and damaged houses for a living, a sex show sounds irresistible. The sex show turns out to be everything Gene could hope for and much more. At the end of the show, he discovers that one of the actresses is his sweet innocent wife of twenty years.
* * *

Foxy wins a Texas-Hold'em tournament at a Las Vegas Strip Casino and invites her husband down to celebrate. While our two favorite swingers are celebrating, they pick up and seduce Zoe, a recent divorcee.
What follows is a night of debauchery in a hotel Bridal Suite as they turn her every way but loose in the ‘no holes barred’ style that Larry Archer is known for.
* * *


  1. Thanks for posting the interview, it was fun doing. I can't believe it but as I'm reading the post, I discover a misspelled word! Sorry about that.

    1. Sue Bill Gates !!

      I'm still smiling at the phrase 'no holes barred'.

  2. Excellent review. I was totally entertained.

    1. Thanks Brina.
      I felt nosy for asking all those questions, but I think many people will find it enlightening.
      And with Larry answering the questions, we were always going to get entertaining answers.

  3. Thanks Delores and Larry for hosting and giving a hugely entertaining interview! This line will stay with me:

    'I feel that if you're reading smut, you know it's not "The Old Man and the Sea" and so don't try to make it more than that.'

    1. Hi Sam
      Thanks for reading and commenting.
      I thought you'd have appreciated the 'dangling participle' comment, too.